Introduction of 2021 must have car app – roger app

2021 must have car app – roger


ROGER app is the most comprehensive car breakdown rescue services app. It is developed in Malaysia for all drivers. The ambition of ROGER is to ease all car drivers to drive with confidence and never worry about car maintenance anymore. #neverdrivealone 


ROGER understand and have identified the pain of all drivers, especially city drivers. City drivers are always hustle on their life and work. Getting into a car breakdown situation, will be a bad day. Looking for assist in the middle of the traffic is a nightmare. Not to mention, the ‘pretentious’ roadside assist that appears out of no where. Well, fear not. All you have to do is open ROGER app, inform that your car breakdown and the issue, the technician will locate and come for you. 

Everyone wishes that car will never breakdown and last forever. However, the technology we have today is not there yet. Thus, in order to take away this burden, ROGER is here to help. 


ROGER app is made for everyone and not only for drivers. This is because, we know how we care for our family members. So, ROGER has integrated a function in the app where, family members will be notify via ROGER app notification whenever a member of the family who also uses ROGER app, call for a car accident assist service for example. This allow the hassle of notifying every members via call when getting the right help is the most crucial. That is calling ROGER to assist right away. Not only ROGER reduces the panic during an accident situation or car breakdown situation, but also provide the fastest help needed possible to solve the car issue. 


Driving a car should be enjoyable and stress free. Now, with ROGER app, this can be achievable. ROGER app definitely the must have app in 2021.



roger app Services

1) Car battery delivery and installation

2) Car Fuel delivery

3) Car Tyre repair and delivery

4) Car towing services

5) Car Accident assist

6) Many other services coming soon…


Cheakout how by connecting family in ROGER app, could make you a hero.

Imagine this, you got a call from your loved-ones. Their car broke down. Do you play hero? Leave work to rescue them?Your boss wouldn’t be too pleased… Or do you call to walk them through troubleshooting? You know how this would go.They’re not familiar with cars. It would turn into an argument. Your day ruined.Be a REAL HERO. Either you order the car breakdown serivce for your family by using ROGER app or you could get your family members to use ROGER app. We send the right help in the shortest time, making everybody’s life much, much easier.Furthermore, whenever a family member calls for Roger services, you will be automatically notified. (It’s like a super-power.)

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