Car stalled

What Voids Your Car Warranty? Here’s What You Need To Know

Remember the proud moment of getting your own car? We’ve all been there – it’s unforgettable. What you don’t typically remember is from that moment is your car warranty. Generally, your car warranty is a guarantee from the brand that for a certain period of time, they would repair and fix any defects or malfunctions as long as it is covered under the stipulated terms and conditions. Different carmakers have different warranty periods and terms but most brands out in the market generally provide 3 years of car warranty.

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women car breakdown

Frequent breakdowns? Time to get that car battery checked

Car batteries store energy in chemical form and through chemical reactions convert that energy into electricity. This electricity then powers all electronic components in your car including your windows, headlights and most importantly, your engine starter or spark plug. Which is why one of the main causes of car breakdowns is a faulty or flat car battery.

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The new ROGER app will have everything your car needs

You know that feeling when something breaks down in your house and all you wished was you were Bob The Builder – one hammer and it’s all fixed? That’s right – ROGER is the new Bob in the Car town – one tap and your problem is solved in a secure, affordable, and efficient manner.

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Fuel delivery

How far can you go when your fuel light goes on?

Did you know that when your fuel level drops low, the engine will start picking up debris from the bottom of the fuel tank and damage both the fuel filter and pump? How sure are you that the capacity will be enough and whether it is healthy for the car if you keep driving till the tank almost runs dry?

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