Grab driver must know benefits

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Why my car battery only warranty 6 months?!

Just because I'm Grab Driver?!

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Are you being treated so?

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ROGER hear you! 

We are here to give exclusive benefit for all Grab drivers.

get one year warranty
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cash rebate promo code
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free delivery & installation 
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We Provide only the best Brands for all car models

These are the trusted car batteries brand we provide. Brands that had a long proven history in long battery life and best performance warranty . We have the widest selection of car battery variant. Making sure we have the one that suits your car model.

Simple step to redeem GrabBenefits

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Just download and register your car model, ROGER will able smart matching to your car and battery , for those friends do not know the car parts of too thoughtful, completely solve the trouble!

The most important is the price is also transparent, you only pay the price shown on displayed, there are no hidden fees, and you are not afraid of being cheated!

FREE Delivery and Installation

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