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Our Team

Meet the Roger People

who keep everybody moving


Ken Leong

13 years of experience in automotive parts sales and internet marketing. Expert in consumer interaction platforms.

director & CO-FOUNDER

Kevin Lim

20 years of experience in the automotive parts industry. Expert in management, resource integration and collaboration.


Jonathan Gan

Over 20 years of experience in ICT industry and intensively involves system supports for various hardware & software include SMP Supercomputer & High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster Systems, various storage RAID/NAS/SAN and Data Management solution, large scale Data Center and high end Advanced Visualization & Immersive Virtual Reality implementation.


Chiew Ruoh Peng

Graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in computer science, he is the founder and leader of several companies in various industries, including information technology, online retail, digital marketing and publishing. He has been in the business scene for more than 20 years. In addition, he is also an established columnist for multiple local publications.


Dato' Jordan Koh 

30 years of experience in the automotive parts industry. Former corporate director of 15 companies. Expert in management and formulating creative business model.


Chiew Ruoh Tau

Graduated from Monash University, Melbourne with a Degree in Computing and a Degree in Business Administration. He has 20 years of experience in ICT industry and application development. Over the years, he was involved in projects of various nature, ranging from mobile app development, e-commerce, to natural language processing. He was granted a patent in 2018 for his work in “A Machine Readable Syntax Analyzing Method and System”.

chairman & CO-FOUNDER

Chris Cheang

Former engineer of Bridgestone tires in the United States. In DTOX, focus on operations, quality assurance, 5S, inventory management, supplier relations, procurement, online e-commerce, etc.


Hendrik Tan

Once the franchise owner of two Papparich restaurant. In DTOX, focus on business expansion, marketing, advertising, customer loyalty plans, shopping mall management, corporate fleet relationship, etc.


Nicholas Low

Has over 24 years’ experience in ICT industry and intensively involves in consultation, business development and project management in High Performance Computing (HPC) Servers & Storage solutions, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, large scale Data Center, high end Advanced Visualization & Immersive Virtual Reality, Bioinformatics, Open Source Technologies and Government & Corporate Enterprise solution. 


Jason Tan

Has 20 years of experience in IT corporate industry. Strong track records in managing IT infrastructure services and complex projects.

project manager

Ng Kuan Seng

Senior service delivery manager with more than 20 years of experience in oil & gas industry. Familiar in ISO 9001 and ISO14001 framework, governance and implementation.
Lead a team of project engineers to deliver complex projects. Sit in steering committee forum to provide strategic direction. Certified in Project Management Professional (PMP).