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You know that feeling when something breaks down in your house and all you wished was you were  Bob The Builder – one hammer and it’s all fixed? That’s right – ROGER is the new Bob in the Car town – one tap and your problem is solved in a secure, affordable, and efficient manner. 

Who are we? ROGER to find out.

ROGER, a word play on the truly Malaysian slang ‘roger’ meaning to inform or call, is a comprehensive 360 car ownership app. It assists you during car emergencies, helps you manage the upkeep of your cars and explores accessorising options for you at just one tap.  It is meant to create a more satisfying car ownership and driving experience, efficiently and effectively. 

ROGER commits to achieving the above via three core pillars – ROGER Breakdown, ROGER Service and ROGER Mart. ROGER aims to make owning and driving a car a much more satisfying experience.

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Behind the fancy app user interface, ROGER is operated by a team of homegrown, down-to-earth professional car industry players and ICT specialists with decades of experience. ROGER is every car owner. It is every driver. It is anyone and everyone who is all about cars, be it in their working life or as their passion. 


ROGER everything about car

On average, Malaysians (especially the “KL-lang”) spends about 19,296 hours per year in their cars, more specifically, in traffic. This means our cars naturally become a close friend/lover (sorry, single folks) – and just like how we treat a loved one, we must treat it with care and love. That means choosing the highest quality products and service available for your car, affordably and efficiently.


With the new ROGER app, you may find a variety of perfect matches for your car, in any occasion.


1) Need a battery change? ROGER us.

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According to a survey, 70% of vehicle breakdowns are caused by battery malfunctions.

That is why, we always urge drivers to perform regular battery checks regardless of battery type. But if you happen to fall into the unfortunate 70% one day – don’t worry, just ROGER us. Through the app, you can order a battery delivered to you immediately. Simply check-in your location, choose a suitable battery, proceed with payment, and wait for a friendly, professional ROGER squad to the rescue. 


2) Got a flat tyre? ROGER us.

There are many causes for a flat tyre. Factors include driving in the heat, poor road conditions, irregular or rapid tyre wear, valve system leakage and the list goes on. But, the most common cause is under-inflation. Under-inflated tires tend to flex more in the sidewall while the car is being driven on the road, which leads to excessive heat and rubber degradation causing rapid loss of air pressure. Most importantly, there’s no need to panic if you’ve got a flat tyre. Drive slowly to the side of the road and ROGER us – our app offers a variety of tyre sizes catered to different car models.  


3) Out of fuel? ROGER us.

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The car makers spend their lifetime developing one great tool for fuel indication – the fuel gauge. Just like your car signal, use them! Running out of fuel at the roadside is a bad idea for many reasons. It puts you in unnecessary danger and may cause massive traffic jams (please-lah, stop looking at car breakdowns). Also, depending on the kind of car you drive and its age, it could cause mechanical complications later on. But, if you do get caught in this unpleasant empty tank situation, ROGER us and our squad will be on the way.

Still think you can’t find a perfect matching situation for yourself that you may need ROGER? That’s okay, you can play matchmaking for your family members! The ROGER app will also be able to allow you to keep track of your family members’ car services and maintenance on a single platform. Simply add their automotive details into the app and you’ll feel like a SHIELD agent deploying a team of “Carvengers” to your family’s rescue when the time arises.

ROGER app currently covers the majority of Klang Valley including the areas below:

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A table of service area of ROGER app

We will be expanding our services further very soon. If you have not downloaded ROGER, head on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “ROGER”. Alternatively, just click here lah Apple App Store & Google Play Store

With ROGER, you will never drive alone again.